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Summertime Jeepin’: 5 MORE Must-Haves

Post date: 25 May 2022

In my May 11 post I hinted that winter just might be over for the season, but apparently I was kiddinnnnngggg… Snow here in mountain country this past weekend made me extra thankful for my Lava Jacket during open air rides around town, during which I realized there are definitely five more must-haves for those summertime Jeep days!

1. Seriously, get a Lava Jacket for yourself and some extras for your passengers. They’ll be so grateful! These make great gifts for Jeep friends or your spouse or partner who complains when you take those doors off. I know, I posted this must-have before but I mention it again with an update – not only does ACE Engineering sell this jacket and attachment for the JK Wrangler heater vents, they’ve also got heater attachments for the TJ, JL Wrangler, and JT Gladiator! So now there’s no excuse to keep those doors on!!

2. Seek some shade. Whenever the temps finally spike, keep your chill and prevent a nasty sunburn with a bikini top or sunshade. I’ve got the Bestop Bikini Top on over my cargo net and it’s performed well for five plus years now. This year I did notice a couple holes starting - from sun, heat, and road wind – so before the next topless season I may need to invest in some new gear...

3. Schedule that annual exam - preferably before wheeling season. Get your rig checked for needed repairs, get those bolts tightened, and have a clean bill of health before hitting tough trails.

4. Bedline your ride. One of the awesome things about summertime is driving in a Jeep that's open to the elements. And one of the worst things about summertime can be those elements... So make your rig easy care with a full internal bedliner modification. I love my LINE-X, my hub went with a Bullhide liner, and there are other options as well.

5. And finally, remember why you have a Jeep in the first place: to have the freedom to travel where few have ever gone, breathe fresh mountain air, and enjoy every minute of the ride!

Happy [almost] summertime!

by Dawn Gallegos

Dawn Gallegos is the founding editor of the Chicks On The Rocks blog. When she's not working to fund her Jeep habit she's thinking up new ways to inspire others to explore the great outdoors!


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