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Summertime Jeepin’: 5 Must-Haves

Post date: 11 May 2022

FINALLY the weather here in Northern Colorado is warm enough to call spring, and maybe even summer some days… So over Mother’s Day weekend my hub and son helped me put my nets on for the season – for the first time in two years! And then we went for an open Jeep ride in the fresh mountain air…

If, like me, you can’t wait to change up your rig for the warmer weather, here are five must-haves this summer!

1. Get those doors off already! And do it with a little less muscle and a lot more smarts. Spend a few bucks at the home supply store on a drywall panel carrier and your doors will pop right off. Beginner tip: don’t forget to disconnect the wiring first before lifting your doors up and away. Also, get some white lithium grease to put in the hinges before putting your hard doors back on and it will make the task much easier next time! More info here.

2. Keep the chill at bay on those early morning or high mountain drives. Get thyself a Lava Jacket from ACE Engineering, stat! This baby has a built-in tube that hooks to your round JK heater vent and makes any open Jeep ride pure paradise. Pro tip: these jackets also work in the hot summer months with your A/C so you can stay cool as a cucumber.

3. Buy or DIY some nets. Not just for cool looks, throwing some nets on your Jeep for the summer season is a good way to keep your gear (shopping, camp trips, etc.) contained. These also work for dogs and errant children.

4. Then lock away those valuables. Okay, this is a bigger purchase and one that should probably be planned, but have a way to lock up the stuff In your open Jeep that you don’t want ‘walking’ away.

5. And lastly, have some PLANS for camping or crawling. Explore the backcountry, or just enjoy every day you drive somewhere in your open ride. This is 2022, folks. Seize the season!

by Dawn Gallegos

Dawn Gallegos is the founding editor of the Chicks On The Rocks blog. When she's not working to fund her Jeep habit she's thinking up new ways to inspire others to explore the great outdoors!


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