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Four More Reasons to Bedline Your Rig!

In 2015 I posted about why I chose to take the carpets out of my Jeep and have the interior sprayed with LINE-X. When my husband purchased his Jeep last year, spraying his interior was near the top of the list of mod goals. To that end, we recently discovered a local 4x4 shop here in Fort Collins that provides great service AND, as it turns out, has their own bedliner product.

Bullhide 4x4 is a local small business that started out spraying Bullhide bedliner in 1996. Expanding their business to 4x4 services in 2003 was a natural progression and they’ve been busy ever since. So, after inspecting a sample of their bedliner product my husband decided to have his interior plus fender flares “Bullhided,” and it turned out great!

Cargo area plus tailgate

Fender flares

To be fair, there are differences among the various bedliner spray brands and you’ll just have to choose for yourself which one is best for your needs. Some options to consider include:

LINE-X – a well-known brand, you can probably find a shop near you, can be sprayed at various thicknesses. Texture is fairly smooth and even. Not “sticky,” which means it’s easier to clean.

Rhino-Linings – another well-known brand and there’s probably a shop near you. My husband had Rhino Liner sprayed in a previous truck but found it wasn’t as thick as LINE-X or Bulhide liner, and was not “sticky” so cargo in the back of his truck would still slip and slide.

Bullhide Liner – local to Fort Collins. We’ll see how this stands the test of time, but this spray is a good thickness, somewhat flexible, and stickier than other liner brands. This means less cargo slippage but we’ll see how it cleans. We found this liner to be rougher in texture than the LINE-X brand which doesn’t matter to us, just an observation.

Raptor Liner – purchase from Amazon and DIY. This is a budget option and looks good. I’ve not used it personally but some who have are happy with it.

No matter what product you choose for your Jeep’s interior, here are some reasons to consider when thinking about getting rid of the carpets in your rig.

Permanent installation – unlike other mods that require upkeep (bolts need tightening, suspension needs inspecting, etc.), bedliner is permanent once sprayed on. No touch-ups are needed and it’s worry-free.

No loss of cargo space – because bedliner spray is thin there’s no loss of space once your carpets are removed.

Weathers temperature extremes – speaking from personal experience, my Jeep’s LINE-X interior has stood the test of climate for several years now. It’s weathered 100+F temps in the summer, and below 0F temps in the winter, without cracking or buckling. Time will tell how the Bullhide liner holds up, but a product wouldn’t be around for 21 years unless it works.

Durability that lasts - three years after my interior was sprayed with LINE-X the quality is still like new. No cracks, no chips, no problems.

I would never hesitate to recommend bedliner over interior carpets in Jeeps - carpets in a trail rig are just crazy in my opinion. Have a good bedliner product installed and the usability and cleanliness of your ride's interior will skyrocket.

Happy Trails!

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