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Rhino-Rack Foxwing: Setup & Takedown

In the continuing evolution of our camping and wheeling hobby we recently added the Rhino-Rack to hub's Jeep, in preparation for an eventual roof-top tent (woo-hoo!). More to come on that, but a component we were really interested in was the Rhino-Rack Foxwing, a sturdy awning that provides ample shelter from the elements and stores compactly alongside the Rhino-Rack.

We are super pleased with the Foxwing so far! No more suffering in the freezing rain during our camp outings this year! And, the Foxwing makes a great place to hang out during a backyard barbecue! Here's a quick look at the easy-peasy setup and takedown!

I should note that I adjusted all the poles to the same length, which my husband lovingly pointed out was not necessary - the poles each adjust as needed so the Foxwing can be used on uneven ground. At any rate, we're looking forward to the upcoming camp season - this year's gonna be the BEST yet!! Happy Trails!

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