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Yet Another Bedliner Option!

Any off-road vehicle is extra prone to getting dirty inside. Rocks, mud, and dust all get caught in stock carpets and cause quite a mess. Cleaning the carpets is a lot of nasty work and, in my opinion, not worth the continuous effort. That’s why I chose to LINE-X the interior of my Jeep a few years ago, and why hub had his Jeep’s interior bedliner-sprayed right away after purchase.

I’ve posted before about reasons to bedline a Jeep’s interior. And I provided various bedliner product options. But recently I found out about yet another product for the interior of a Wrangler, thanks to Bob at TNT Customs.

BedTred floor and cargo liners are made from a tough and textured TPO composite and are custom-molded to fit your make/model of Jeep. These liners replace the stock carpets that come with your vehicle at purchase, but are a less expensive bedliner option because they install easily, thus avoiding the time and cost of vehicle preparation required for spray-in liners. (Spray liner prep includes removal of carpets, seats, console, etc., scratching interior paint, taping what you don’t want sprayed, and stuffing all bolt holes. This is as much work as it sounds and you’ll pay a pretty penny to have a spray shop do this prep work).

Another benefit of BedTred liners versus spray-in bedliners is a reduction in both road noise and heat, via the product’s ¼ inch foam and provided heat shields. I love my LINE-X interior but I can say for a fact that it makes for a loud ride, and I really feel the full range of temps through the floor (hot in summer, cold in winter).

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to ditch the carpets in your rig (and I think you should!), there are many options to explore and something for every need and budget. There are spray-in liners, BedTred, and if you’re a super serious wheeler who wants to reinforce your ride plus have comfort on your daily drive why not do both? Bedline spray your interior to protect it and then put in BedTred liners for noise and temp reduction. Now you're wheelin' with class!

And then?? Since Jeeps are always a work in progress the next step might be to LINE-X the whole exterior of your rig as well! TNT Customs is adding a LINE-X shop to their business in Cheyenne and will be one of only two shops along the Front Range, from Pueblo, CO to Cheyenne, WY, offering a new exterior spray product that can be color-matched (aside from metallic) to your stock Jeep color. This is yet another unique way to help bullet-proof your rig so it performs better and lasts longer and that’s a sure win in my book!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Trails!


by Dawn Gallegos

Dawn Gallegos is the founding editor of the Chicks On The Rocks blog. When she's not working to fund her Jeep habit she's thinking up new ways to inspire others to explore the great outdoors.


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