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First-time Trail Run: Metberry Gulch

On November 11 I did my very first off-road trail ride as a member of Chicks On The Rocks at Metberry Gulch! The event was hosted by Wheelers For The Wounded of Colorado for their Veteran's Day charity ride. I was introduced and invited by Dawn and Elizabeth of Chicks On The Rocks.

It was such an amazing day! Beautiful weather and gorgeous views..

I learned so much from fellow amazing Jeep enthusiasts I met there.

I also learned so much about my Jeep too and what it was capable of.

It was such an awesome feeling to take part in this event to honor our United States Veterans who've fought and served to keep this country safe and free.

This was certainly the first of many for me! I can't wait to get my wheels out in the dirt again!


By Cat P.

Cat is looking forward to completing more trails in her Willys edition JKU. When she's not out in her Jeep on her days off Cat can be found hiking, rock climbing or riding her motorcycle.



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