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Best of JK Wrangler Mesh Tops

In this video hosted by Ryan Huck of ExtremeTerrain, three popular Jeep Mesh Tops for 2007-2018 JK Wranglers are compared and discussed. Many Jeepers will consider a hard top or soft top to be their main source of protection from the elements. Mesh tops make for a great alternative or supplement to a traditional hard or soft top, keeping occupants cool and protected from the sun.

For this “Best Of” video, Ryan provides examples of popular full-coverage style Mesh Tops, explaining their unique design and construction, as well as some different scenarios where they can be used.

Ryan points out their main differences in terms of style, materials, and how they are installed.


About ExtremeTerrain is a leader in aftermarket Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tacoma accessories and parts. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA, ExtremeTerrain provides Wrangler and Tacoma owners with fast shipping and enthusiast-level, award winning service, while also ensuring the conservation and protection of off-road trails.


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