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Testing the ExtremeTerrain TruShield Cargo Net

Jeep friends. It’s been so long since I wrote! I can’t believe it’s already mid-August, school’s nearly back in session, and soon it’ll be time to put the hard top back on. The camping season here in the Rocky Foothills made a late arrival this year, with snow and cold into June. Then, both hub’s and my j-o-b-s were more demanding than usual this summer, one of our dogs got really sick when we’d planned on camping in late June, and we FINALLY got our first camp session of 2019 in a couple weeks ago (post coming soon!). After which I FINALLY took off my hard top and doors for the summer, whew! And then got busy testing some brand spanking new gear from ExtremeTerrain (XT)!

Install complete: TruShield Wrap Around Cargo Net - Three Piece. Window nets are my own, DIY instructions here.

A few months ago ExtremeTerrain’s media group (Turn5) reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in partnering with them on product reviews and press releases, and in return I’d get some cool XT brand gear for our Jeeps. What?! Yes. Yes. Yes! I didn’t have to think about this for a second!!! I’ve ogled the XT catalog and all those sweet Jeeps for years since I started wheeling, and this was a very cool opportunity to share XT after-market mod info and also beef up this site with XT photos and posts.

Given that our Jeeps are already well-modded and, honestly, pretty much where we want them functionally, my first XT product requests were mostly cosmetic. I’ve wanted to try out a different cargo net for awhile, not because I don’t like the Smittybilt one I’ve always used, but because it’s got some wear and tear from years of use and I’ve been repairing it after each topless season. So, after install and use, here's how I rate ExtremeTerrain’s TruShield Wrap Around Cargo Net – Three Piece, JK 4 Door:

Product Quality gets 5/5 stars. This net is really well made out of heavy duty webbing with reinforced stitching. When the straps are tightly cinched this sucker doesn’t move at all, even at highway speeds. If you need to keep big dogs contained or camping gear stowed securely this net set will get the job done well.

Heavy duty webbing and reinforced stitching make the TruShield Wrap Around Cargo Net a quality product.

Ease of Install gets a rating of 4/5 stars only because of the great number of clips that need to be secured on all three pieces of this net set. Install took awhile, although I’m comparing this to my Smittybilt cargo net which is all one piece that’s flopped over the roll bars and attaches with only a couple rigid pieces tucked into the factory belt rail. However, the TruShield nets don’t require door surrounds (a bonus, if you don't have them), are tightened around the roll bar, and clip on the inside of the Jeep cargo area frame. This makes for a longer, though more secure, install. I was also impressed with the instructions that came with the TruShield net set - easy-to-follow step-by-step, plus illustrations. That's way more than usually is provided with Jeepin' stuff! Lastly, and importantly, to secure the bottom clips of the TruShield rear net inside the tailgate you'll need a tailgate bar, which needs to be purchased separately. Or, you can just take the clips off and let the bottom ends of that net remain unsecured.

I was happy to have help on the install, which took awhile!

Functionality gets 5/5 stars. Since each row of webbing on these nets is tightened individually, this net set is especially strong and useful in keeping a load of heavy camping gear contained, for example. Also, it would take more than a few minutes (hopefully) for a dog to chew through even one of the webbing pieces, making for a secure ride for your four-legged friends. (Please note, this depends on your dog. One of our dogs chewed through the Smittybilt straps more than once but so far has left the TruShield webbing alone; however, this is no guarantee a tough chewer wouldn't get through quickly so watch your pups closely). And, since these nets don’t require attachments outside the Jeep frame, you could actually leave them on year-round under your hard top.

Ease of Use gets a rating of 4/5 stars but there are a couple considerations. If I didn’t have a cargo storage box I’d have given 5/5 stars because you could just open the tailgate and throw stuff in, or lower the back seat and have extra room for dogs in the whole cargo space. However, I do have a storage box in my cargo area which means if I were to actually put stuff on top of it from the back of the Jeep, I’d have to loosen, unclip, open the back net, reclip, and tighten. This is a lot of work and time I don’t have. I compare this to my Smittybilt net with the two side zippers that makes putting groceries or gear on top of the cargo storage box a very easy feat.

Finally, I gave Cost 4/5 stars. This TruShield net set is well made out of quality material, but in reality it’s more costly than something like the Smittybilt (which, however, is made of lighter-weight material which I’ve had to repair many times). I think you get what you pay for, and what you want all depends on your situation and requirements.

Ready to enjoy the open air!

After review and comparison, my husband prefers this TruShield net over the Smittybilt for its durability, quality, and control of heavy loads. I prefer the Smittybilt because my Jeep is the kid/dog/grocery hauler and I need easy and quick access to the back cargo area on top of my storage box. However, I'm hanging on to the TruShield because when my current net wears out, I'll have a higher quality one to put on instead.

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Thanks so much to ExtremeTerrain for sponsoring this post. I love your quality product offerings, knowledgeable staff, and fast shipping! All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own. And, thanks to my readers for your support and continued love of all things Jeep and the great outdoors!


by Dawn Gallegos

Dawn Gallegos is the founding editor of the Chicks On The Rocks blog. When she's not working to fund her Jeep habit she's thinking up new ways to inspire others to explore the great outdoors!


About ExtremeTerrain is a leader in aftermarket Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra parts and accessories. Located just outside Philadelphia, PA, ExtremeTerrain provides Wrangler, Tacoma, and Tundra owners with fast shipping and enthusiast-level, award winning service, while also ensuring the conservation and protection of off-road trails.


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