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Camp Breakfast: Banana Burritos!

camp breakfast

Banana burritos are an easy, delicious and portable camp breakfast that are sure to please everyone from ages three to 83! The ingredients are easy to pack for car camping and don’t require refrigeration, although a skillet or griddle (plus campfire or other cooking method) is required.

This recipe was adapted by E from a menu item at one of their favorite breakfast spots in Charleston. It can easily be converted to a paleo/gluten-free/dairy-free option as well. I forgot to take photos of the cooking process when camping so I re-made these at home recently; they were yummy but admittedly had tasted even better in the fresh air of the Great Outdoors (doesn’t everything?!).



Nut butter of choice (for camping we use various packets of nut butters – take several and let each person choose)


Nuts, roughly chopped (I used pecans, also suggest honey- or maple-roasted nuts!)


Ground cinnamon


Make it:

Spread nut butter on tortilla, slice banana down the middle and top with nuts, drizzle of honey, and cinnamon.

Fold one side of tortilla over the middle, then the other side over, to make a tri-folded burrito.

Melt butter in skillet. Place burrito, folded side down, and cook as desired.

Flip and cook other side.

Enjoy! And, it’s even better with a side of sausages or bacon!

Gluten-free / Paleo / Dairy-free Ingredients:

Coconut flour or almond flour tortillas

Nut butter (not peanut butter)



Honey (optional, omit for low-carb)

Ground cinnamon

Coconut oil

Make as above. I’ve found that almond flour tortillas crisp up very well; coconut flour tortillas get a little soggy but still taste good otherwise.

Thanks for reading, and bon appetit!

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