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AEV Stubby Build

Oh yes!! When presented with the idea of having my full-width AEV front bumper chopped, welded, and powder-coated into a unique stubby-width style front end for my rig I jumped at the chance and couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

aev stubby

A few months ago we had hub’s Jeep in to Northridge 4x4 for the Rhino Rack/Foxwing install and some other items, and we were shooting the breeze with the sales guys at the counter. I was talking about someday getting a stubby (narrow-width) bumper for my Jeep because I like the way stubbies look and it would allow for the possibility of eventual 37” tires. Ryan’s response was, “We can cut your current bumper into a stubby for you.” What?! Well, I was all in! (That’s the great thing about spending time talking with the folks at your local 4x4 shop – they’ve got so much knowledge, and so many great Jeeper ideas!). So I checked my budget, got on the books, and soon I was dropping off my rig for some extra-special TLC!

Northridge tech Spencer Sharp is a true artist with the TIG welder and I give a big shout-out to him for the excellent job on my bumper!! He was also kind enough to provide build photos! The process took a few weeks to complete as the bumper had to be sent away for powder coating. During that time, I also changed out my fender flares so the end result was a real transformation!

AEV Stubby Build

I want to give Northridge 4x4 Colorado a big shout-out for another awesome job on my Jeep! As always, the quality and service can’t be beat. Sure, I could’ve just bought a cheaper stubby bumper, but I believe in AEV quality and having Northridge build this stubby produced a one-of-a-kind result. Spencer mentioned that he cuts each bumper a little differently depending on the overall build of the vehicle, so each is truly unique. Incidentally, if you’re curious about other Northridge builds and adventures, check out #northridgenation on Instagram.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Trails!

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