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Off-Road Camp Trailer Build

off-road camp trailer

Looking to advance to the next level of ease and comfort on your wheeling and camping adventures? Consider an off-road camp trailer! And, if you've got technical and welding skills you might even build your own trailer to fit your desired specifications. To that end, a camping and wheeling friend was kind enough to share with me the following photos of his recent off-road camp trailer build.

When designing your camp trailer, one software/program option is QCAD. If you're interested in seeing the design file for the build shown here, email me.

Some benefits of an off-road camp trailer?

- It enables dispersed camping on some fairly tough trails (unlike large standard campers that require paved roads or campgrounds to utilize).

- Unless you're a two-Jeep family (or have similar off-road vehicles), having a camp trailer allows you to park it, unhitch, and use your rig for wheeling trips while your tent's still at camp.

- It allows for the use of a roof-top tent (RTT) - the true luxury for camping wheelers! Sleeping off the ground allows for greater safety and temperature control, and with the memory foam mattresses that come standard with most RTTs you'll also be much more comfortable! An additional plus is that RTT set-up and take-down efforts are a breeze compared to standard tent set-up or camper maintenance.

Happy Trails!!

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