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BattlBox Mission 26: Dopp Kit

The April 2017 BattlBox contained a Taint Scrubber. (No, I’m not kidding!). When my husband opened this month’s box it smelled like a backwoodsman had just taken a shower and with a sitrep of “Hygiene Essentials,” there were a plethora of products to keep any mountain gent clean!

To start, the Dopp Bag by Grenade Soap Co. is large and well made of heavy duty material. The reinforced bottom is sturdy enough to carry ammo in addition to personal care products. (Interesting bit of trivia: the Dopp Bag was first made by a fellow named Charles Doppelt – hence the name – and was a standard issue item in World War II, which spawned its popularity amongst guys who wanted a convenient carrying case for toiletry items that could be kept packed and grabbed on the way out the door).

All of the products in this April box are useful and in my opinion smelled great! (Except for the beard oil – that smelled to me like a mixture of cigar smoke and Grandma’s perfume, but if that’s your thing I won’t judge you). Here’s a breakdown of the goods -

Basic Mission 26

1 - Grenade Soap Co. Gunsmoke Soap – this version of soap-on-a-rope (“for added insurance against soap droppage”) has a pre-drilled hole for the included steel cable which threads through the soap and screws together to make a loop. The cable can be re-purposed after the soap is gone.

2 - Grenade Soap Co. T.A.I.N.T. Scrubber – a mesh pouch for scrubbing all those wonderful places… insert a bar of soap inside and slip your hand into the straps on one side for a thorough cleaning experience!

3 - Campack Towel – seamless microfiber, anti-bacterial, highly absorbent

4 - Grenade Soap Co. 24 Hr Dry Antiperspirant – very cool grenade packaging design! Pump the handle to remove the lid. Twist the bottom to push the deodorant stick upwards.

5 - Coleman Camp Soap Sheets – biodegradable, dissolves instantly into suds with the addition of water, packable

6 - Epic Wipes Massive Refreshening Wipe – no-rinse cleansing wipes for when you can’t shower, made from bamboo, biodegrable. We’ll be using these this camp season!!!

7 - EZ Towels Compressed Disposable Towelettes – each is about the size of the tip of your thumb. Add water and each expands to an approximately 9” x 9” mesh towelette.

Advanced Mission 26

Basic items, plus -

8 - Grenade Soap Co. Tactical Toothbrush Handle w/Replaceable Toothbrush Head Attachment – this is the biggest toothbrush I’ve ever seen! It has a hidden compartment in the handle to store additional tool attachments (for purchase separately)

Pro Mission 26

Basic and Advanced items, plus -

9 - Six Shooter Razor AR-6.S.S. - the handle of this razor is made to look like the barrel end of a gun, very cool!

10 - Grenade Soap Co. Dopp/Ammo Bag

11 - Grenade Soap Co. Beard Oil

Pro+ Mission 26

Basic, Advanced, and Pro items, plus -

12 - Brous Blades Minikami Limited Edition (1 of 6,000) – a slashing knife; sleek, concealable, very sharp

If you’re a gal and more partial to manlier scents than flowers, you could use these products also (well, except for the beard oil). Or, they make great gifts to keep in mind for your gent. As you can see, Grenade Soap Co. made most of the products in this box - their packaging is unique and absolutely hilarious!! They definitely have the personal care niche in the market for military aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts!

This will be the last installment in the BattlBox series for awhile – we’re moving on to another tactical/survival/EDC monthly subscription so stay for further deets on that!

Thanks for reading!!

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