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Within Arm’s Reach

When hitting the trails it’s a necessity to carry a full spectrum of recovery and survival gear. But on trail runs I also like to pull out a few essentials that I know I’ll probably need and keep them within arm’s reach that day. This is so much easier than digging around in my storage box for whatever’s needed, and I can relax and enjoy the day more fully!

Keep in mind that this list contains only the most frequently used items and you should be able to reach them from your driver’s seat. My fire extinguisher, for example, is stored on the back roll bar so I’d have to get out to grab it. While it’s an essential item to have, I hope I don’t need it on every wheeling trip so it’s not within arm’s reach.

Do you carry various essentials within arm’s reach on trail? If so, what? I’d be interested to know what veteran wheelers carry within arm’s reach, and if you keep various tools handy also (other than what I’ve listed here).

Here’s my list:

Under my seat -

- Lockbox to hold various valuable items / secure storage, as needed

- Rubber mallet – to help with taking off/putting on sway bar disconnects

- Hammer – if camping, for pounding stakes

- Shop cloth

- Extra bungee cords

- Extra water

Center console area -

- Rain pants for myself and kiddo

- Extra packable jacket for myself and kiddo

- Snacks

- Water bottles

- Trail books and maps

- Kids Dramamine

- Phone charger

- Phone and/or camera (photos!! and GPS)

- Alongside my e-brake I store my sway bar disconnects and pins after I take them off

Dash or glovebox -

- Flashlight

- Chapstick

- EpiPen (hub’s allergic to bee stings)

- CB

- Stocking hats (at least two)

- Leather gloves

- Sunscreen

- Window breaker (cuz you never know when a flood might come upon you and you need to break out of your vehicle… hmmm… well, it’s better to have it and not need it, and it’s best to have it easily accessible just in case)

In a storage bag on the back floor -

- Winch controller

- D-ring

- Tire inflator

- Gear snake / gear ties (for use with tire inflator)

- Tire deflator set

- Air compressor hose

- Extra gloves

- On snow runs I’d also put a small collapsible shovel on the back floor in case it’s needed.

Under the back seat -

- Extra blanket x 2 (one has a rubberized side for laying on the ground or covering oneself from inclement weather)

Am I forgetting anything? Comment below!

Happy Trails!

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