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My Safelite Experience

If you own a Jeep you’ve probably had your windshield replaced due to cracks more than once, or several, (or 20!) times. Something I didn’t realize when I first bought a Jeep was the ease with which the windshield cracks, due to its lack of angle. So, I’ve been through several and recently had yet another windshield replaced by a Safelite AutoGlass remote service tech.

In various Jeep groups I sometimes see posts from people asking for recommendations on where to get their windshield replaced. Maybe some people would recommend another company but I’ve always had a good experience with Safelite and here’s why -

  • Online scheduling was a breeze – their online scheduling tool is simple, effective, and easy to use.

  • Quick appointments – every time I’ve used Safelite I’ve gotten an appointment within two days and many times the next day.

  • Remote service – I like that they have techs with mobile vans that come to my house and replace the windshield in my driveway or garage. This is convenient.

  • Communication – an immediate price quote is given when scheduling the appointment so you know how much you’ll pay. You can also choose to pay out of pocket, or coordinate with an insurance company. But best of all, their communications are more than adequate and provide all the info needed – a confirmation email, a reminder email that includes a photo of the mobile service tech (this is good for security purposes), a phone call the from the tech the morning of the appointment with an approximate time of arrival, and a text from the tech a few minutes prior to arrival as well.

  • Discounts – this time when I received the service reminder email it included a price that was different than the scheduling quote. So, I called the phone number in the email to inquire and a very nice gentleman explained that the higher price was a system glitch. But, he also mentioned that he didn’t see a coupon used and asked if I had one. When I said no, he put a code in for me to save an extra $30. Wowie! But wait, that’s not all! When the tech arrived he explained that they didn’t have my size generic glass in stock but they did have the factory Jeep glass (with the fancy Jeep logos on it). This glass cost more but they’d give it to me at the generic glass price (since I’d opted for generic in the first place). This saved me – well – quite a bit of extra dough so I was more than pleased!

  • Service – in addition to vacuuming the interior and cleaning all the windows, the tech replaced my toll road transponder and changed out the transponder numbers in my toll account. He also re-attached my GoPro mount plus re-affixed my oil change sticker to the new windshield. And when offered a tip he declined, saying he was paid plenty already. What?! That’s something you never hear!

In my experience it appears that Safelite is a customer-centric company and I’d recommend them for Jeep windshield repairs any day. And, with the frequency of our windshield chips and cracks it’s nice to have a positive outcome each time.

Happy Trails – and dodge those flying rocks!


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