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The Ultimate Cookbook for Camp Foodies!

The February 2017 BattlBox is all about wilderness cooking and it’s the perfect follow-up to my last post on our new Food page! Specifically, included is a book that backwoods foodies may want to check out - The Backcountry Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking, by Sierra Adare.

The Backcountry Cookbook makes gourmet camp meals easy with full shopping lists, prep instructions, and daily menus. Be warned, there’s quite a bit of advance prep involved in these recipes but the benefit is that tasty camp meals can be thrown together with relative ease. Many of the recipes call for dehydrated ingredients, which you can dry yourself if you’ve got the equipment, or purchase bulk at the store or online. However, instructions are also given on using raw meat, for example, if camping with a cooler in tow.

Personally, I’m not a fancy cook and I’m content with prepackaged backpacker meals into which I pour a cup of boiling water, wait 15 minutes, and devour. That’s pretty much my preferred camp dinner. But, not everyone appreciates this manner of camp dining and it’s good to have variety. At the very least, The Backcountry Cookbook will provide a host of ideas and handy information that’s useful for any camp chef.

Interspersed throughout the recipes is a memoir of sorts, telling of various adventures in the great outdoors. Plus, handy tips on bear-proofing camp, and a reminder of the need to guard your food from the goats that are pulling your supply cart!

I know I won’t be trekking with goats anytime soon, but I’m already dreaming of this year’s Jeep-camping season. And maybe, just maybe, some Tent Stake Turkey for dinner by the fire…


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