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Easy Fix for a JK Storage Box

This post is specifically for Jeep JK owners who’ve installed Mac’s Custom JK Storage Box in the back cargo area of their rig. In a past post I talked about why I love this storage box, and what I’ve got in it, and I also alluded to a very annoying squeak that I wasn’t able to fix.

Well, recently I found a solution to that squeak and I’m one happy camper! Basically the squeak was coming from the drawer (which admittedly I have loaded to the gills with heavy-weight recovery supplies) sliding just a little back/forth anytime I’d stop or accelerate. Previously I thought the squeak was coming from the drawer base rubbing against my tailgate door, so I’d adhered a piece of rubber anti-fatigue mat to the storage box base. That didn’t fix the squeak but I left the rubber on the base, although over the last year and a half it had started to come loose on one side.

Recently my husband was looking for something in the storage box and, without realizing it, caught the loose end of the rubber mat under the drawer when he shut it. I discovered this quickly when I realized that annoying squeak was gone and I went to investigate.

Mac's Custom JK Storage Box

In hindsight this solution should have been crystal clear a long time ago. But, better late than never…

I had originally used ecotrend All Purpose Tereflex Rubber (2 mm or 1/16” thickness) which I can’t find anywhere anymore. The 1/16” thickness seems to be ideal in terms of being able to close the drawer and lock it, while preventing any slippage (which causes the squeaking). This product may work instead.

Maybe I’m the only one in the world who carries so much in her Mac’s storage box that it squeaks. But enjoy this easy fix if you had the same issue.

Thanks for reading!

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