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BattlBox Mission 23 – Stay Sharp!

This month’s BattlBox is all about blade care and maintenance because a dull knife is no good in the woods! Did you know there’s actually a proper way to sharpen a knife? Well, this month’s DVD tutorial tells exactly how to do just that, and the Pro+ box comes with, of course, another knife. This one’s a World War I-inspired blade by CRKT, intended for everyday carry (EDC). Bonus? It comes apart easily for cleaning, care, and maintenance!

Another cool item in this month’s box is the knife storage case. Matter of fact, I heard my husband muttering, “Wow, this has so many pockets, I don’t have enough knives to fill it,” which I know translates to, “Now I can buy more knives!"

Anyway, here’s what’s in the Mission 23 box!

Basic Mission 23

1 – Rusty’s Rags Knife Care Kit

2 – Sentry Solutions Marine Tuf-Cloth

3 – Smith’s Pocket Pal Knife Sharpener

4 – Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide ¼ oz. Pen Applicator

5 – The Survival Summit Blade Care DVD

Advanced Mission 23

Basic items, plus -

6 – BattlBox Blade Restore Leather Strop

7 – Knife Carrying Storage Case

8 – Dan’s Whetstone Honing Oil

Pro Mission 23

Basic and Advanced items, plus -

9 – Worksharp Guided Sharpening System

Pro+ Mission 23

Basic, Advanced and Pro items, plus -

10 – CRKT Homefront Knife, featuring Field Strip Technology

Stay sharp out there!

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