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BattlBox Mission 22 – The Bushcraftsman

I was impressed with the items in this month’s Battlbox, all of which are useful for backwoods survival. Bushcrafting by definition is primitive survival with minimal tools. This is not the way most of us live today, but some people still bushcraft as a hobby to “get away from it all,” while a few cultures in some countries bushcraft as a way of life.

Real bushcrafting – survival in the outdoors with zero modern amenities (that means no toilets, showers, or blow dryers) – is no joke. I had a hard time with three days of freezing rain during a past summer’s camp outing. Imagine cold, windy, rainy, dirty conditions 365 days a year! However - while I love technology and all the comforts of home, there is a distinct possibility that at some point modern life as we know it may cease to exist and we’ll have to survive without water, lights, gas heat, the internet (gasp!). That’s why it’s good to at least inform ourselves about basic survival skills. How to procure food and water. How to build a shelter. How to stay warm. How to start a fire. These are bushcrafting basics that serve the ultimate purpose – keeping us alive.

Battlbox Mission 22 provides inspiration to learn more about bushcrafting lifestyle and to be prepared (not paranoid). Here’s what’s in the box -

Basic Mission 22

1 - Battlbox 70% Wool Military Blanket (70% wool / 30% synthetic for cost reasons and to cover a wider range of climates – still very warm and still fire retardant)

2 - Dragonfire Fatwood Firestarter w/Firecord Lanyard

3 - Morakniv Pro-C Bushcrafting Knife

3a - with sheath

4 - The Bushcraft Bible (another book to add to my list of favorite survival reads!)

5 - Zombie Tind. Pioneer Blanket Pin/Striker/Defense Tool/Awl

Advanced Mission 22

Basic items, plus -

6 - Large Bushcraft Style Canvas Rucksack

7 - Wazoo Survival Gear Viking Whetstone Necklace

Pro Mission 22

Basic and Advanced items, plus -

8 - Self-Reliance Outfitters Bushcraft Knife Making Kit w/DVD

Pro+ Mission 22

Basic, Advanced, and Pro items, plus -

9 - Tops Knives Compact Utility Blade 3 3/4”, 1095 High Carbon Steel, Stonewashed Finish, Tan Micarta Scales, Ballistic Nylon Sheath, Bowdrill Divots, Modified Scandinavian Grind

To the woods! (And thanks for reading!).

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