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Battlbox Mission 1.2 (psst… holiday gift idea!)

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost..." - Battlbox Survival & Tactical Gear

Recently we discovered Battlbox, which provides survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts with a monthly box o' goodies at various subscription levels. Awesome and amazing!! So, I ordered a subscription for my husband for Christmas and he's already received his Battlbox Welcome Box (called Mission 1.2), which provides a variety of items useful for solo camping or time spent in the Great Outdoors. Here are a few deets about Battlbox, as well as what's in the Mission 1.2 box. Get thyself to, and Christmas for your outdoorsy loved one (or yourself!) is done!

How it Works

Choose a subscription level. (Shipping & handling additional).

Basic - $24.99 per month

Advanced - $49.99 per month

Pro - $99.99 per month

Pro+ - $149.99 per month

Cancel, downgrade, or upgrade at any time. Subscriptions are billed one month at a time (no year-long requirement!).

Once you subscribe, you'll be charged for the first month and within a few days the Welcome Box (Mission 1.2) will arrive. Then you'll be charged each following month as long as your subscription remains active, and a Battlbox containing different survival and outdoor items will arrive each month. How awesome is that!

What's in Mission 1.2?

I did purchase the Pro+ for my husband because we can always downgrade and I figured that, for Christmas at least, a couple boxes chock full of cool and useful outdoorsy stuff was warranted. Plus, if I'm honest, some of it's for me too *wink wink*! Nonetheless, included in each box is a listing of the box items according to each subscription level. Here's Mission 1.2 -

Basic Mission 1.2

1. Speed Cinch Tent Stakes (set of 4)

2. Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks pack

3. Exotac Fire Sleeve (Bic lighter not included)

4. Zippo Campfire Starter

5. Light My Fire Camp Spork

6. Self-Reliance Outfitters Mini Inferno

Advanced Mission 1.2

Basic items, plus -

7. Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent

8. Camp Stove Set (alcohol stove plus cook pot and lid/fry pan)

Pro Mission 1.2

Basic and Advanced items, plus -

9. Battlbox Single-person Tent w/Mosquito Net and Rain Fly

Pro+ Mission 1.2

Basic, Advanced, and Pro items, plus -

10. Gerber LMF II Infantry Survival Knife, with leg sheath (10a)

Pretty cool, eh? I'll do some in-depth posts on future Battlbox items as they are received, and hopefully some videos too. What do you think? Leave comments below!

Happy Holidays, and Happy Trails!

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