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Taylor Mountain Camping

On Friday, July 1, we headed to the Taylor Mountain area (Boulder County, Colorado) with friends to camp for the long holiday weekend. To our surprise, we were the only ones camping in that area – which was awesome! Also to our surprise, we found that the Forest Service had started a habitat re-build project since last year, so no motor vehicles were allowed in our favorite dispersed camping area. This meant parking outside the signs and packing everything in 50 yards or so, where we could camp with a view!

July 1 was beautiful but July 2 proved to be wet and cold - yes, we were the only ones crazy enough to camp in such weather! Our group split up for the day on July 2 and reconvened for dinner and campfire fun that evening.

All in all, it was a good trip! My husband got to off-road his new rig on the light four-wheel drive trail for the first time.

E and M brought their off-road camp trailer along, parked outside the re-build perimeter, and cooked some awesome meals in their chef-worthy camp kitchen! (This trailer is not a "glamper" - it really can go anywhere their Jeep can go and it gets some serious flex along the way!).

And, as usual, camp was filled with dogs big and small! Camping with dogs and puppies (and kids!) makes the experience even more fun!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Camping!!


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