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Easier Jeep Door Removal

Yesterday my Jeep doors came off for the summer! Woo-hoo! If you also partake in the joys of the open air, here are a couple of tips to make your door removal process easier, because if you've tried removing your doors before you know they can stick, and they're HEAVY.

1. Put white lithium grease on the hinge bolts when putting your doors on in the fall. This helps prevent sticking during removal the following spring. We tried this for the first time last fall and the doors came off yesterday with no wiggling required!

2. Pick up the Stanley Panel Carry at Home Depot (under $10, drywall section). You won't believe how easy it makes door removal! (Admittedly it also helps if you are a tall[er] person).

To prove how easy this is, here's a quick vid of me taking the doors off for the summer!

Have any other door tips to share? Comment below!

Happy Summertime!

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