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Camp Food: What’s for Breakfast?!


“The best part of wakin’ up…” really is coffee, if you’re a coffee lover like me! That includes camping and we always bring along our trusty percolator to brew a pot first thing each morning, while E sometimes goes with the pourover method for one hot cup at a time! Either way, coffee is definitely a part of our camp breakfasts.

But we cannot live on coffee alone! Here are some camp breakfast ideas to get your taste buds ready for camp season!


We always bring a bear-proof cooler with a considerable amount of ice to keep refrigerator items cold for at least 2-3 days. If we were to camp for a longer time, we’d have to resort to Backpackers meals, or kill it ‘n grill it!

Freezing meats such as bacon or sausage before you head to camp ensures it’ll stay cold longer in your cooler. Generally it’s thawed enough to use (but still cold) by the second day.

Slicing or chopping veggies at home before you head to camp saves time by the fire.

Full credit for these awesome camp breakfast ideas goes to our resident camp chefs, E and M, who are so willing to break out their camp grill to cook up all sorts of delicious goodness! These are all easy meals, with only a pan or Dutch oven, and spatula, needed for cooking.


1. Cook bacon in a skillet. Scramble eggs in some of the bacon grease. Bring along some berries or other fruit for the side.

2. Cook bacon in a skillet. Fry some pancakes in some of the bacon grease. YUM! (To save space in your camping supplies don’t bring the whole box of pancake mix – scoop out what you think you’ll need into a plastic Ziploc and if you use a mix that only requires water you can just estimate the amount).

3. Cook bacon in a skillet (do you see a pattern here?). Sauté pre-cut veggies, such as onions and peppers, in some of the bacon grease then add eggs and scramble. Serve as is or bring along tortillas for build-your-own breakfast burritos.

4. Sausage, egg, and veggie scramble – cook sausage and pre-cut veggies such as onions and peppers, add eggs and scramble. Serve as is or bring along tortillas for build-your-own breakfast burritos.

5. Serve either the bacon/veggie scramble, or the sausage/veggie scramble on tortillas topped with leftover pork green chili from the previous night’s dinner (chili recipe hopefully coming soon!).

6. In addition to scrambling eggs in the leftover bacon grease, fry some cut potatoes for your own camp-home-fries!

7. Combine the meat/veggie/egg scramble with the home fries for a tasty camp hash!

8. Pancakes can be varied by adding fruit to the batter (blueberries, bananas, etc.) or chocolate chips.

Pack List

Courtesy of E, here is a suggested pack list so you can make these awesome camp breakfasts!

For 4 adults (and one kiddo), three-day camp trip:

- 1 lb Bacon: 1-2 breakfasts depending on slice thickness

- 12-18 eggs: 2 breakfasts

- 1 lb Sausage (links or ground): 1 breakfast

- 1 chopped onion: 1-2 breakfasts (can also be used for another meal)

- 2 chopped peppers: 1-2 breakfasts (can also be used for another meal)

- 1 lb raw potatoes: 1 big breakfast - requires chopping at the campsite

- 1 bag frozen hashbrowns: 1 big breakfast - no chopping required! Will keep about a day frozen in the heavy duty cooler, definitely use by second morning at camp.

- Pre-made pancake mix: homemade or purchased, just look for one that requires easy ingredients (eggs, water and/or milk)

- Lot's o coffee - you know how much you drink it ;)

- Bag of shredded cheese! So many uses.

- Bag of burrito sized tortillas

- Berries or other fruit

Want more camp food? Check out E's Pinterest page for ideas!

Do you have favorite camp breakfasts? Leave a comment below!

Happy Camping!

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