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Not Just Any Jeep, My Jeep - My Girl Blue

Chicks On The Rocks

I love her and we've been through a lot. A few bumps, bruises and scrapes, over mountains, through creeks, and across the country. She takes me camping, hiking, skiing, to lunch, to work, and everything in between. She's taught me how to gracefully get into a car lifted an extra foot off the ground while wearing high heels and a dress when you are only 5' tall. Her stacked tires are as tall as me (no joke!).

But why is she so special to me? I've owned several cars. All have their stories. Some more interesting and colorful than others. One was definitely more fun to drive, for very different reasons (BMW 3-series), but still not my favorite.

I've always admired Jeeps. Growing up I thought they were cool, but never thought they were me. I remember my uncle's Jeep that he'd use to pull his jet skis to Lake Austin in Texas. I remember my high school marching band director's electric purple Jeep that he'd tool around in (extra awesome factor for my favorite color!). But what stuck with me was a college classmate. She had a red TJ with tan interior. In the summer, she'd run it without a top - it was awesome!! She was not more than 5'4" and she rocked that Jeep! Watching her put her toddler in the backseat while also being 6 months pregnant amazed me. You could totally be a girly girl and rock that Jeep. I wanted one! But they were far too impractical.

Fast forward close to 10 years, and we were at a crossroads. Put 5 new tires on our 2005 Xterra we'd only had for a year but weren't in love with, or bite the bullet and by a Jeep. Yes, I bought a vehicle because I didn't want to put tires on the one I currently owned, but I think I made the right decision. And as for impracticality, well, I was wrong. I’ve fit so many kegs, dogs, cats, and boxes in that Jeep, that I could never fit in my BMW, nor would I want to. It’s also let me explore the world in ways I never thought possible.

Oh, and about that dog, his name is Dodger and he's a fan! It means that an adventure awaits. That adventure may be the vet (totally cool, he loves her and loves all the treats he gets while there) or a trip to the mountains for a great hike. The first time he rode in it without the doors or top, he didn't know what was going on, but he was EXCITED! The first car that pulled up behind us, he decided it was his territory and he insisted on telling it so.

My Girl Blue and I, we're pals. I am not looking forward to the day she leaves our lives. But that will be forever from now... So it's time to plan the next adventure!


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