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Surviving the Winter Doldrums

Chicks on the Rocks skull

Happy New Year, off-road peeps!

Are you tired of hearing about everybody’s New Year’s resolutions yet?! Well, now that the holidays are winding down and we’ve had several good snowstorms, I’m ready for spring!! But, that won’t happen for a while here in the Colorado foothills. So, to get myself through the “winter doldrums” of January and February, here are six things I have in mind for this website, on my Jeep, or with off-roading, yet this winter.


Chicks on the Rocks camp

I love camping and what better time to plan, assess strategies, and update pack lists than during these cold winter months! I’ve got several camping articles in mind, and will create a dedicated “camp” section on this website, for easy reference. I’m also trying to convince my friend E. to write some camping articles as she and her hub have a very sweet camping setup!

Jeep Tools

In my Jeep I carry a mish-mash of tools I have primarily “borrowed” from my husband (who I know is frustrated because he makes little comments about it every time he finds a tool missing from his collection). I still have a hard time finding the appropriate tool for whatever job because I have so many I don’t use, and they are massively disorganized. This is driving me crazy so I’d like to spend some time during these cold snowy months going through my tools, figuring out what I need and what I don’t, and putting them in order. And maybe I’ll get my own collection so I can give my husband back his stuff.

Light Bar

JK Light Bar

What every chick's Jeep "needs" - a light bar! This will be amusing, but I really want to install and wire a light bar on my Jeep all by myself. We’ll see how it goes. (My husband is rolling his eyes and saying “Okayyyyyy,” in his “I told you so,” voice).

Water Filtration

Water distillation

My husband and son made a cool portable and packable water distiller for me for Christmas, so I’m going to test it! This will be a water purification/filtration option for survival and camping.

Snow Wheeling (or not)

Schuss Mountain Snow Challenge

I honestly feel like I get enough snow wheeling on our neighborhood roads, which aren’t plowed. And, I’ve “off-roaded” in the snow pretty much my whole life (albeit unintentionally!), so I’m not really a fan of driving snowy roads. Nonetheless, I understand snow wheeling is pretty popular so at some point in early 2016 maybe a trip to Ballard or Sevenmile (the only trails open during the winter this far north in Colorado) is in order. Or maybe Bunce School Road (Boulder County), which is supposed to be a fun snow trail as well. However, my husband makes a good point that wheeling in the snow is highly dangerous and easily costly due to hidden holes that could break an axle, disable our ride, and cost a lot of extra dough. Therefore, I may just snow wheel vicariously through photos and stories of those damaged rides who do make the trek into the frozen outdoors, and I'm totally fine with that. Plus, there are always parking lot snow piles to conquer! (ha!)

Besides, I'm saving my dough for...


Bring on mud season! By the time most trails open again I'd like to have lockers and I’m going to get a quote on product plus install so I can safely do some serious mudding come spring.

What are YOUR off-road / wheeling / outdoor goals for 2016? Reply in the Comments below!

Happy Trails!

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