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Easy Update: Tail Light Guards

Christmas is just around the corner – why not ask Santa for a pair of rear tail light guards?! They’re an easy and inexpensive update for your off-road vehicle that can be installed in minutes!

Recently I found a pair of 3.5 mm thick metal tail light guards on EBay for about $40. I’d searched for “skull” tail light guards pretty extensively and found cheap plastic ones, not-so-cheap plastic ones, metal ones that did not wrap around the tail lights, and the metal guards I ended up purchasing because they wrap around the side of the tail light with a "lip" that dips in – so if I scrape the side of my Jeep on the trail my tail lights are still protected on all sides.

A Google search will provide you with many different tail light guard design options, and some companies offer custom designs. Just make sure the guards are made of a heavy duty material (metal vs. plastic) and function as an actual guard, instead of just putting a flat plate on your tail light which would not do much to protect it.

The install was very easy and took mere minutes.

Step 1 - Attach foam “washers” to the back of the guards (these are usually included in the package with the guards). This ensures that the guards don’t rub or rattle on your tail lights.

Step 2 - Remove existing screws from tail lights.

Step 3 - Attach guards over tail lights by re-inserting existing screws.

That’s it! Now you’re looking bad-ass and ready to tackle some tough terrain. Happy Trails!

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